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The picture shows a Boston Keratoprosthesis implanted in a human eye three months before.

First artificial corneal transplant

For the first time in Italy a patient received a partial artificial cornea. The surgery, called “Boston Keratoprosthesis”, was performed at the hospital “lot” in Florence by the surgeons Sadeer Hannush and Federico Badalà, born in Catania, of “willis Eye Hospital” in Philadelphia and showed during the international congress promoted […]

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Corneal Stem Cells Transplant

Staminal cells transplant today offers the possibility to cure some corneal diseases. In the future it will probably be possible to treat retina disease as well: research here is still at an initial phase. Several patients can benefit from staminal cells transplant: People with damaged corneal epithelium caused by acid, […]

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Corneal Diseases Laser and Treatments

Corneal transplant and all the latest news about corneal surgery are described with the videos below. Thanks to important innovation, corneal trasplant today is a safe and effective surgery. Artificial cornea and lamellar corneal transplant make it possible to see well again in a short period of time and with […]

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Corneal Transplant: rejection and other risks

Corneal transplant rejection Major risks after corneal transplant are related to rejection. There is always a risk of rejection after corneal transplant: it is usually higher right after surgery and lowers over time. Symptoms of rejection can be as light as a simple redness of the eye: even this should […]

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Corneal: Insurance approved Laser & treatments

Corneal transplant surgery with private insurance Corneal transplant surgery can be performed in convention with the most important insurance companies, supplementary funds and health funds. Some insurance companies consider a direct payment for health services, with no obligations for its patients; some others consider an indirect assistance. In this case, […]

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Which are the best Corneal Transplant Centers?

There are several corneal transplant centers in Italy. The best thing to do is rely onto a transplant center that performs all the latest surgical techniques. The different kinds of corneal transplant complement each other: that is why you should contact a center that has a great on the field […]

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