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Avastin for maculopathy after retinal thrombosis

Avastin treatment for macular edema after retinal thrombosis. It is a review of the different treatments for maculopathy that come after the retina’s thrombosis. The new treatment modalities of exudative maculopaty, after the branch retinal vein occlusion, are compared one with the other. This article was commissioned by the editor […]

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Laser Treatment

When curing diabetic retinopahty, during the initial phase, doctors use retinal laser photocoagulation, that guarantees a significant vision improvement. Retinal laser Photocoagulation treatment is fundamental for treating circumscribed retinal detachment or lacerations of the peripheral retinal The latest news in laser treatment is the yellow laser, that is less invasive […]

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Maculopathy: hope from a new therapy

EYLEA® (aflibercept) is the last medication for maculopathy’s cure approved for european use on the 27th November 2012. The medicine is administered with intravitreal injection and has the advantage to stop VEGF-A and PIGF. The blockage of PIGF (placental growth factor) is an important innovation for the cure of exudative […]

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