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The picture shows a Boston Keratoprosthesis implanted in a human eye three months before.

First artificial corneal transplant

For the first time in Italy a patient received a partial artificial cornea. The surgery, called “Boston Keratoprosthesis”, was performed at the hospital “lot” in Florence by the surgeons Sadeer Hannush and Federico Badalà, born in Catania, of “willis Eye Hospital” in Philadelphia and showed during the international congress promoted […]

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Boston Keratoprosthesis and corneal transplant

Dr. Badalà shows his wide casuistry with indications (staminal cells deficit,cornea rejections, etc) and the risks of using Boston Keratoprosthesis at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s congress in 2006. The most frequent risks are glaucoma and possible infections. Boston Keratoprosthesis, with its lower-risk of complications, is the most used artificial […]

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Cross-Linking Keratoconus: news from USA

April 2015 – San Diego (USA). At the World Cornea Congress the results of different keratoconus’ Cross-Linking technics have been discussed. Cross-linking is a cornea’s treatment for patients with keratoconus. The main purpose of this treatment is improve the links between collagen’s molecules of the cornea. The treatment can be […]

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Boston Keratoprosthesis

Artificial cornea is the biggest innovation for corneal diseases. There are several kinds: the most used is the Boston artificial cornea (keratoprosthesis) that Dr. Badalà implanted for the first time in Italy in 2008: now he performs such surgery on a regular basis in Milan and Catania. There’s a new […]

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