PRK for Astigmatism

PRK for Astigmatism

PRK (Photo Refractive Keratectomy) is a surgery that uses the excimer laser and it is one of the most common in Europe. After an easy removal of the corneal epithelium, the excimer laser causes a photoablation of the cells affected by the laser ray, making them evaporate. In this way, the superficial portion of the cornea become more regular, and the laser can correct the multiple focal points causing astigmatism, realigning them.

The new laser generations can achieve great results, not only in case of light astigmatism, but also for cases of high degree astigmatism. PRK is used also to correct vision imperfections like hypermetropia and miopia.

PRK surgery procedure

PRK: corneal EPithelium removal, to let the excimer laser correct Astigmatism

To undergo PRK there is no need to be hospitalized: patient can go in and out the clinic independently. Surgery is performed when the patient is slightly numb, after the use of anaesthetic eye drops on the affected area. In some cases a light sedative is used, orally.
Patients lie down on the ophthalmologist chair, next to the excimer laser instrument, and surgery is performed.

This procedure requires no more than a few minutes total:the majority of patients don’t experience any pain sensation.

For great results, it is fundamental to rely on a high quality excimer laser. Some lasers are best to cure myopia, some others are more appropriate for treating hypermetropia and astigmatism.

Dr. Badalà uses last generation lasers to cure astigmatism, in Milan and Catania; these lasers feature eye motion control (eyetracker) and pupil recognition. Such advanced instruments, together with the wide experience gained over the years, enable Dr. Badalà to perform PRK with very high precision, in total safety.


Chiara Rizza, Milano

Votazione: Eccellente
Problem: Astigmatism, Myopia
Solution: PRK
Tired of glasses and contact lenses, I met Dr. Badalà, who, after an accurate exam, suggested laser treatment to correct myopia and astigmatism. What a great choice!
Laser treatment was perfectly successful, fast and p... Keep on reading this reviewainless. It was carried out in a surgical center with high standard equipment.
Dr. Badalà and his team had been very warm and welcoming, before and after the surgery. As fast as two days after surgery I went back to my everyday life with the only inconvenience of placing many eye drops many times a day for a few weeks.
Surgery was over two years ago and since then I’m enjoying great vision and freedom from glasses.
Thanks to Doctor Badalà for his competence and professionalism.
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