Review Intervention with PRK


Patient's problem: Astigmatism, Myopia

Solution: PRK

Michele De Quarto


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

Yesterday I had laser eye surgery for myopia and astigmatism . I had about 4 diopters of myopia and 1 diopter of astigmatism . Contrary to what I had read and heard around, I didn't feel any discomfort during the operation other than a slight, very bearable tingling and then absolutely nothing in the following hours, no burning, discomfort or pain. It was certainly better than I expected , I would define the operation as almost "routine", given the speed of execution and the absence of any discomfort. Only 24 hours have passed but I can already see well, in fact, I could see better as soon as I got up from the operating table. My vision will continue to improve over the next few days, but I can say that the change is clear and substantial. I definitely recommend undergoing this procedure because it is difficult to express in words what it means to free yourself from the addiction to glasses or contact lenses. In one day you can change the rest of your life! Watch the video with Mr.'s testimony. Michele De Quarto