What to expect post Cataract surgery?

    Post-op Cataract Surgery

    Today, after a minimally invasive cataract surgery with topic anesthesia, post-op should be expected as follows:

    • The patient is discharged with no bandages about 1 hour after surgery
    • A slight discomfort is perceived for 4 to 5 hour, similar to the feeling experienced when we get a little shampoo in the eyes.
    • Eyesight improves after 4 to 5 hours
    • The next day, the patient can see well with no discomforts at all.
    • From the next day it is already possible to watch tv, use the computer and drive. It is always best to ask the ophthalmologist for advice, when he performs a checkup the day after.
    • Patients should not lift weights for about a week.

    • It is advisable to abstain from sports for about a month.
    • It is fundamental not to touch the affected eye for a week
    • It is a best practice not to sleep on the side of the affected eye for a few days.
    • After the first two days it is ok to shower and wash hair, always paying attention not to get soap or shampoo in the eyes.

    Cataract Surgery Complications

    The most dreaded complication, even if extremely rare, is infection. During the first days after surgery, the risk of infection is still high.

    For this reason, the patient has to meet deadlines set by the ophthalmologist for checkups and follow a theraphy with antibiotic eye drops. In case of any visual disturbance, specific checkups are mandatory: even infections, when catched immediately, can be properly treated.

    It is best not to touch the affected eye for the first days and follow common hygiene rules to avoid the risk of infections that could become particularly serious after surgery.