Cataract Surgery: Latest News


Thanks to the latest innovations, with cataract surgery you can read, drive, work on the computer, all without glasses in just 24 hours. Here are some advantages of the latest generation cataract surgery compared to standard surgery. Let’s find out together what the best solutions for cataract surgery are and when it is appropriate to operate on cataracts in a video interview with Dr. Badalà who introduced important innovations for cataract surgery in Italy, including the Hi-Tech intraocular lens, some lenses with increased depth of field and innovative trifocal intraocular lenses. 

The Cataract

Cataract is the opacity of the crystalline lens, a lens inside our eye. As this lens becomes opaque, vision becomes increasingly blurry. When sight is no longer satisfactory for the needs that each of us has, then it is appropriate to proceed with cataract surgery.

Standard Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery consists of removing this cloudy lens. This removal is performed using a very sophisticated ultrasound instrument that fragments the lens and sucks it, in some cases a sophisticated laser instrument called FemtoLaser is also used. At this point, an artificial lens is inserted in place of the removed lens. This artificial lens is also called an intraocular lens. Today there are many types of intraocular lenses, and the choice of the intraocular lens is fundamental to having a good result.

Latest Generation Cataract Surgery

The most modern intraocular lenses allow you to correct myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, hyperopia, that is, they allow you to free yourself from glasses permanently both from afar, both for looking at the computer and for reading. It is essential that the visit is carried out accurately with very sophisticated tests to understand if you are a candidate for the implantation of these lenses which are more modern, which are of the latest generation (Intraocular lenses and Hi Tech lenses) and therefore allow have superior results compared to traditional lenses. Only cutting-edge centers today are able to offer the most innovative solutions for cataract surgery. In fact, these require ultra-modern technology and specific skills. It is necessary to inform yourself well before the operation in order to have the best possible result afterwards. We invite you to visit the Cataract section for further information on the case and the Testimonials section to encourage you with the experiences of patients operated on with the most innovative solutions for cataract surgery.


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