Review Intervention with DMEK Corneal Endothelium Transplant


Patient's problem: Corneal diseases

Solution: DMEK Corneal Endothelium Transplant

Sergio Micari

Taormina (ME)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

Two years ago I underwent a DMEK cornea transplant in my left eye. About a month ago I underwent a DMEK transplant in my right eye and my vision was 4/10. I noticed the improvements already in the hospital but I actually realized how much my vision quality had improved as soon as I got home. I finally saw the bright colours , before I felt like I was living in the analogue era with faded colours. Today it is finally as if I had switched to digital and post-operative control after just a week my vision was 10/10. Contrary to what you might think, I didn't feel any pain either during or after the operation. I resumed my usual life almost immediately, already after 3 weeks I was at work, following the precautions that the doctor had given me. I would highly recommend this surgery because it changes your life , even just for the fact of seeing the colors as they are in nature without the suffering of the fog anymore. Watch the video with Mr.'s testimony. Sergio Micari