Review Intervention with DMEK Corneal Endothelium Transplant


Patient's problem: Corneal diseases

Solution: DMEK Corneal Endothelium Transplant

Maria Rita Major

Pula (CA)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

Six days after the DMEK Cornea Transplant for the guttata cornea I went from 6/10 to 10/10 vision. I felt absolutely nothing during or after the surgery. Just three days later I realized I was finally seeing the colors I said I was seeing before but that wasn't the case. Now black is black whereas before black was grey. I compare it with the other eye, which was supposed to be the healthier eye, and there is no comparison. With my eye not yet operated on, I thought I could see well, but only now I realize that I don't actually see colors. Because with the operated eye I can see colors instead. It's as if you were seeing three-dimensionally! In the morning when I get up I check to see that it is still actually like this, I am so amazed. I can't wait to be able to operate on the other eye too. I would do it tomorrow too. If I had had the traditional cornea transplant I would have had to wait a year to recover my sight and I would have been subject to a much higher risk of rejection. I'll see you just three days later! Thanks to DMEK! Those close to me can't stand me anymore because all I do is share this joy of mine. I'm overjoyed. Thank you! Watch the video with the testimony of Mrs. Maria Rita Maggiori