Review Intervention with Artificial corneal transplant

Patient's problem: Corneal diseases

Solution: Artificial corneal transplant

Maria Grazia Mazzola

Chiavari (GE)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

My sister, after repeated traditional corneal transplants on both eyes, which failed due to rejection, could no longer see . Through an internet search regarding new cornea transplant techniques, we came into contact with Dr.'s office. Badala. After several visits and in-depth examinations, Dr. Badalà proposed an artificial cornea transplant (Boston Keratoprosthesis) which would restore her sight. Reluctant to carry out new operations, the doctor reassured her and conveyed confidence. On 06/19/2018 she underwent artificial cornea transplant surgery (Boston Keratoprosthesis) with total anesthesia. The operation, which lasted about two hours, presented no problems, after waking up from the anesthesia he only felt a slight pain, which disappeared after a few hours. On the same day , in the late afternoon, Dr. Badalà unwrapped his eye and carried out an eye examination, to our amazement he was already seeing 5/10 , you can well understand the emotion felt by us and by my sister in seeing again and in such a short period of time after the operation . She was discharged the following day, returning to a normal life, keeping in mind the need to be extremely scrupulous in following eye drop treatments, and above all not to miss periodic checks; with the tranquility and security that Dr. Badala' would have been available at any time. Two days after the operation he was already seeing 6/10. Heartfelt thanks to all of Dr. Badalà's staff and his great professionalism. I recommend this doctor and this type of intervention to everyone, which was fundamental and decisive for my sister.