Cross-Linking Keratoconus: news from USA


April 2015 – San Diego (USA). At the World Cornea Congress the results of different keratoconus’ Cross-Linking technics have been discussed.

Cross-linking is a cornea’s treatment for patients with keratoconus. The main purpose of this treatment is improve the links between collagen’s molecules of the cornea. The treatment can be done with EPI-OFF technic (removing corneal epithelium) or with EPI-ON technic (corneal epithelium isn’t removed).

At San Diego was show how the EPI-ON technic(transepithelial Cross-Linking) is less powerful than EPI-OFF (keratoconus Cross-Linking).

Cross Linking PICThe advantage of EPI-ON technique is less discomfort than the one experienced with an intact corneal epithelium.

Cross Linking PIC 2Studies showed at San Diego demonstrated that EPI-ON technique enforces only the superficial part of the cornea, contrarily, Cross-linking treatment is deeper and able to stop Keratoconus’ progression. This result is less common with Cross-Linking EPI-ON technique.



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