Dry Maculopathy: New Treatment in the USA


New therapy for Dry Maculopathy approved in the USA in February 2023. The treatment is called Pegcetacoplan and is injected inside the eye with intravitreal injections. Pegcetacoplan is the first effective treatment for dry maculopathy, it is a different injection compared to other intravitreal injections used to date only for wet maculopathy. This treatment is indicated instead in a specific case of dry maculopathy called geographic atrophy. This dry maculopathy is characterized by progressive atrophy of the macula. As the central part of the macula becomes atrophic, the patient loses the ability to recognize faces and objects in front of him and loses the ability to read. Intravitreal injections of Pegcetacoplan given every one to two months have been effective in stopping the progression of macular atrophy. Pegcetacoplan is a drug produced by the Apellis Pharmaceuticals company located in Massachusetts, USA.
It is a monoclonal antibody
that blocks the responsible Complement C3 molecule of inflammation and atrophy of the macula. In this way it allows to avoid a worsening of dry geographic maculopathy.
The therapy is currently available in the USA and not in Italy. Since this is the first effective treatment for dry maculopathy, it is expected that it will be marketed in Europe relatively quickly (summer 2024). We will be careful to inform you as soon as the new treatment can also be used in Italy. In the meantime, we share with you the great hope that Pegcetacoplan has brought to the scientific community and to the group of patients suffering from Dry Maculopathy. We remain available for any further information.