Eyeball Tattoo: Beware of the New Trend from USA


Eyeball tattoo is dangerously becoming popular. The new trend of tattooing the sclera with the strangest colours is spreading outside USA, where it was born. The tattoo artist, who is not an ophthalmologist, injects ink under the conjunctiva: in this way, the colour of the white part of the eye changes irreversibly.EYEBALL TATOO TECHNIC

We suggest you to avoid this type of eyeball tattoo, as it can seriously harm your eye. Inflammation of the sclera know as scleritis and serious infections can definitively impair the ability to see.

In addition, following eyeball tattoo, the ophthalmologist cannot examine certain parts of the eye itself, as the sclera (the white part of the eye) and the conjunctiva (the transparent membrane that lines the eye); the examination of sclera and conjunctiva is essential to know how healthy the eyes are.

The attached photos refer to a 17 years old patient, who came under our attention after changing her mind after the eyeball tattoo, which we remind you is irreversible and highly risky.

The only way to reverse this eyeball tattoo is to colour the eye with another tattoo changing the eye from coloured to white, to make it a little more similar to a normal one, however it is not possible to get back the natural feel of a normal eye.

Eyeball tattoo could be performed by ophthalmologist in some selected cases, such as in the presence of some diseases for which the cornea becomes opaque, resulting in unpleasant look of the eye.

Corneal tattoo allows the patient who has a sick and blind eye which has lost the color and characteristics of the healthy one, to regain the look of a normal eye.


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