EyeMax add-on: hope for maculopathy from the USA


The new EyeMax lens add-on on Ophthalmology Retina, the prestigious scientific journal of the American Academy of Opthalmology (the society of American ophthalmologists, AAO). The EyeMax add-on lens is a new intraocular lens for patients suffering from maculopathy and who have already had cataract surgery. American ophthalmologists appreciated the study conducted at the University of Heidelberg in Germany enough to publish it in the official journal of their scientific society (AAO). This is a pilot study that confirms the safety and effectiveness of the new EyeMax add-on lens. All patients who underwent surgery on both eyes improved their vision (by at least 2 tenths or more) both far and near. The new EyeMax add-on lens is implanted inside the eye in front of the artificial lens (intraocular lens or IOL) inserted into the eye at the time of cataract surgery. It is a new model that complements the traditional EyeMax lens and is used in those suffering from cataracts and maculopathy. Those suffering from cataracts and maculopathy can benefit from the EyeMax lens. Those who suffer from maculopathy and have already had cataract surgery can benefit from the EyeMax add-on lens. The EyeMax lens and the EyeMax add-on lens improve vision in those suffering from maculopathy because they focus the images not only on the center of the macula like normal intraocular lenses, but also on the periphery of the macula. Those who suffer from maculopathy often have the center of the macula damaged but the periphery functioning. By focusing the images on the periphery of the macula, the EyeMax lens improves vision in these patients. For more information or to understand if you can be a candidate for the EyeMax add-on lens you can read the article published on Ophthalmology Retina or visit the testimonials section of our website.