Goodbye Reading Glasses: New Therapy from the USA


Goodbye to reading glasses thanks to important innovations presented in Washington at the ASCRS (American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) congress. These are new eye drops and intraocular lenses. After the age of 40 we all begin to struggle to read up close or stay in front of the computer, this is presbyopia. With age, the crystalline lens (a lens inside the eye) loses its ability to focus on nearby objects because it becomes more rigid and so one is forced to move the text further away in order to read it or to wear reading glasses. Two eye drops have been shown to improve reading ability without glasses:

  • An eye drop makes the lens more elastic, allowing you to regain the ability to focus. Encore Vision from the Novartis company
  • Another eye drop called Liquid Vision is an eye drop that narrows the pupil and improves both near and distance vision.

These new therapies should be available in a couple of years. The new IPCL intraocular lenses for the treatment of presbyopia are already available: multifocal lenses that are inserted inside the eye in front of the crystalline lens. The new trifocal intraocular lenses with increased depth of field have been confirmed in Washington as the safest and most effective solution for the treatment of presbyopia. To find out more or find out if you are eligible for these new treatments for presbyopia you can contact our centers in Milan and Catania.