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We offer the latest innovation for the treatment of ‪Cataract‬, ‪‎Maculopathy‬, ‪‎Corneal‬ disease ‬ and correction of refractive errors, such as ‪‎Myopia‬, ‪‎Astigmatism‬, ‪‎Presbyopia‬ and ‪‎Hypermetropia‬.

Most of the technologies and surgical techniques that we use come from abroad, we want to reach the foreign community to give the opportunity to get excellence in Eye Laser & Treatments in Italy.

Our staff in Milan, Rome and Catania can help international patients with organizing their trip, financing and managing their health insurance policy.

Today we are a community of more than 8.500 people; together we are one of the most important digital reference point in Ophthalmology. We broadcast important information on how to cure eye disease and refractive errors dispensing freedom from glasses and a better quality of life.

Expo in English provides the International community with all the latest news on Eye Disease Laser and Treatments. We like to contribute to the needs of the many people visiting Milan during EXPO Milano 2015.


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