Maculopathy: New Treatment Arrives in 2023


The new drug for the treatment of Wet and Diabetic Maculopathy is called Faricimab. It requires less frequent administration than older therapies. Wet maculopathy and diabetic edema are treated with injections of antiVEGF drugs into the eye approximately every 1 or 2 months. The new drug is injected every 4 months. In clinical trials, patients treated with Faricimab received 33% fewer injections than the best drug now on the market – says Roche, the drug’s manufacturer. Faricimab is a monoclonal antibody that blocks two important causes of maculopathy unlike old drugs that neutralize only one cause:

  • VEGF-A also blocked by old therapies
  • Angiopoietin-2 not blocked by old drugs

In exudative maculopathy, VEGF-A induces the loss of fluid from blood vessels and Angiopoietin 2 stimulates inflammation and the formation of new blood vessels. By blocking both factors of Maculopathy, Faricimab is more effective than other drugs used so far. Faricimab is available at our centers in Milan and Catania. It should be administered every month for the first 4 months and then only every 4 months if necessary. We remain available for any further information.