Micropulsed Yellow Laser: New Maculopathy Therapy


What is Yellow Laser

The Micropulsed Yellow Laser is a new treatment modality for some types of maculopathy such as Central Serous Corio Retinopathy (CRSC) , diabetic retinopathy with macular edema , retinal vein thrombosis with macular edema. Laser for the treatment of maculopathy has been used for several years. The traditional laser causes heating of the macula which results in a scar. This scar, depending on where it is located, can cause a decrease in vision. Today, only lesions of the peripheral macula are treated with the traditional laser. The central part of the macula, called the fovea, cannot in fact be treated with a conventional laser because it would result in an immediate reduction in vision. The micro-pulsed laser is a treatment modality based on the division of laser energy into numerous peaks (pulses) of energy separated by rest pauses. While the conventional laser sends a continuous stimulus to the retina, the micro-pulsed laser sends many energy peaks interspersed with small pauses. micropulsed laser The presence of laser intervals and non-laser intervals allows the heating of the tissues to be limited and therefore the damage produced by the laser is greatly reduced. In fact, with the micro-pulsed laser the formation of scars on the macula is not observed and this allows the central area of the macula, called the fovea, to be safely treated. Added to this is that the yellow laser is not absorbed by the pigment present in the fovea but only by the cells of the underlying layer, the pigmented epithelium. Precisely the cells of the layer beneath the macula are activated by this laser stimulation and start functioning again. While with the traditional laser the cells were destroyed.

The difference with other lasers

The difference between traditional laser and micro-pulsed laser lies precisely here: with the traditional laser cells were burned to induce the activation of the surrounding cells, while with the micro-pulsed laser nothing is burned and there is a widespread activation of the cells of the pigmented epithelium. yellow laser before and after The results of the micro pulsed yellow laser are usually observed after an interval of one to three months and therefore usually take longer than is observed after traditional laser treatment. For some forms of maculopathy the traditional laser still remains the gold standard, for other forms in which there are foveal lesions the yellow laser is a valid alternative. Only an ophthalmologist expert in maculopathy, after a careful examination and all the appropriate tests, such as OCT and fluorescein angiography, will be able to advise you on the best treatment modality. Dr. Badalà has been treating maculopathies with micro-pulsed yellow lasers since 2014 in Milan and Catania.