Summer, holidays: Let's protect our eyes!


With summer and holidays we spend more time outdoors, in this period solar radiation is at its maximum intensity and it is necessary to protect the most delicate organs and especially the eyes. Prolonged sun exposure without protection can cause various vision problems. Actinic keratitis is an acute complication that manifests itself with pain, photophobia, tearing and red eye. It occurs after prolonged exposure to the sun without protection, a bit like a burn on the skin when you don't use sunscreen. It is prevented by wearing sunglasses. Another frequent problem is Pterygium which consists of the growth of the conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the eye) over the cornea. A redness is observed in the inner part (towards the nose) of the eye and a sensation of foreign body and sand in the eye. In the long term, unprotected exposure to the sun favors the onset of cataracts and maculopathy . children and the sun The use of sunglasses is recommended, preferably those with dark green and brown lenses , those with shades are not equally protective. Polarized sun lenses are preferable because they eliminate reflections and give greater visual comfort. It is also essential for children to use sunglasses! Less than 2% of children use adequate sun protection for their eyes. Using goggles is essential in the swimming pool. In fact, we often see conjunctivitis in children who, unlike adults, tend to never wear them. dart-goggles-blue-studio-lr Those who wear contact lenses must pay particular attention because in summer and in the heat the risk of infections is greater. In particular, the use of contact lenses in swimming pools without adequate protection is absolutely contraindicated due to the risk of acantamoeba keratitis which can be transmitted through swimming pool water.


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