Recensione Intervento di Strabismus Correction
Giuseppe Lo Grasso , Palermo (Corleone)
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Giuseppe Lo Grasso sull'Intervento di Strabismus Correction per Esotropy e Strabismus eseguito dal dott. Badalà

    I am a 25 Sicilian man, my problem of strabismus started when I was 7 and a half after a car accident.

    It had been a long time since I considered  to solve the problem with surgery, but my determination came out after I met Dr. Badala, who, after the first visit in his center in Catania, gave me a clear explanation of what I was going to undergo and how he would solve the problem.

    I underwent surgery in Milan, at the Capitanio clinic.

    The day before surgery Dr. Badala visited me and, together with the orthoptists, considered  how and what to operate.

    In clinic I have a warm, affectionate and professional welcome, and I received clear and encouraging answers to all my questions.

    During surgery I obviously did not feel anything because it was under general anesthesia ; at my awakening, I felt only a slight discomfort to the eye, mainly where there were stitches.

    I underwent surgery in both eyes during the same session.

    About one hour after awakening, doctors told me to open my eyes and, with my great pleasure, my problem of splitting images had been already reduced and, since then, my quick recover never ended.

    Two days after surgery I came back home with my eyes perfectly aligned from the aesthetic point of view, while, from the visual point of view, I can see new improvements every day.

    The doctor assured me that, if the problem will continue, I only need to change lenses and my problem will be solved.

    It was a very positive experience, I regret to do not undergo surgery before and I suggest it to those who have my same problem but are reluctant about operation.