Glaucoma: Insurance approved Laser & treatments


Glaucoma surgery with private insurance

Glaucoma laser surgery (SLT or selective laser trabeculoplasty) such as trabeculectomy and the other minimally invasive surgeries to treat glaucoma, can be performed via the main Insurance Companies, Supplementary and Health Funds.

Some insurance companies consider a direct payment for health services, with no obligations for its patients; some others consider an indirect assistance.

In this case, the patient gets a refund after providing the invoices for the services. We have conventions available with the following insurance companies:

Glaucoma surgery via ASL

Dr. Badalà performs Trabeculectomy and draining valves surgery via the National Health Service (SSN) or ASL (Local Health Center). Laser glaucoma surgery or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) are performed via private insurances.

All the other kinds of minimally invasive surgeries are performed in Milan via ASL.