Latest News on Glaucoma Surgery

Surgery in case of glaucoma is suggested when both medications and laser have proven to be ineffective in lowering the ocular pressure and it is possible to see a progressive damage to the optic nerve.

In these cases a surgical treatment is performed, that in its initial phase can be minimally invasive, with a glaucoma surgery like the TRABECTOME or the modern miniaturized stents for glaucoma surgery (Ex-PRESS, Glaukos, etc.). These are the latest news in glaucoma treatment.

The Ex-PRESS stent is a mini stent for treating glaucoma. It has been been developed by an israeli company called Optonol; its reference center in Italy has been the University of Genova. Dr. Badalà started using Ex-Press in 2001 and published some important scientific works about this stent several years before.

TRABECTOME is an apparatus for treating glaucoma that removes the biggest obstacle to the acqueous humor drainage: the trabeculate. This, while maintaining the anatomic integrity of the ocular bulb without having to create a new communication channel between the inside and the outside of the eye.

Dr. Badalà is the first italian doctor to have ever performed glaucoma surgery with Trabectome in 2007 and has a great experience with this technique that consists in removing the obstacle and letting the acqueous humor flow, following an ab interno approach.

LMinimally invasive glaucoma surgery has the advantage of having less complications if compared to major glaucoma surgery. Anyway, often its effectiveness is not as high as the standard glaucoma surgery that is Trabeculectomy.

Dr. Badalà performs this kind of surgeries for curing glaucoma in Milan and Catania.

Tiziana Giannini, Catanzaro

Votazione: Eccellente
I am 54 years old, for the past 20 years I have used eye drops to treat glaucoma.
Three months ago, I underwent a new type of laser treatment called SLT (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty), despite always being afraid of ... Keep on reading this reviewany sort of eye treatment.

I have not felt any discomfort during or after the SLT laser, I did it in both eyes together and it lasted about 5 minutes. When the Laser was over I felt much better, as I was a little scared before.

Prior to the SLT laser my eye pressure was 24/23 with different eye drops, now, two months later, is 16/15 without my previous eye drops which created a lot of discomfort.

I am very happy with the outcome.
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