Hypermetropia Laser and Treatments

    A surgery to correct hypermetropia in Milan with the latest innovations. The new femtoLASIK to cure hypermetropia. High Tech Intraocular lenses to cure hypermetropia. Surgery to treat high degree hypermetropia with phakic lenses (intraocular contact lenses) in Milan and Catania. To sum up, correcting hypermetropia is possible thanks to several different surgeries.

    The most common hypermetropia surgery is the one with the excimer Laser that can correct hypermetropia and astigmatism at once. From a little time, there is a new kind of surgery that uses Femto Laser, that can improve the possibilities of an excimer laser surgery, or remove a thin layer of corneal tissue to correct hypermetropia, with great results

    The most widespread hypermetropia surgery is performed with the excimer Laser, that can correct both presbyopia and myopia. This surgery relies mainly on two methods: LASIK and PRK. Today several variations of these two techniques exist.

    The main surgery for high degree hypermetropia is the implant of an intraocular contact lens inside the eye, or a phakic lens.

    The latest news to correct presbyopia are the High Tech intraocular lenses, that represent a key solution for patients that have already undergone laser surgery and now have cataract.

    Another surgery for high degree hypermetropia and astigmatism is the lens substitution with a technique called Photorefractive.