Hypermetropia: Testimonials

Recensione Intervento di FemtoLASIK. Andrea Monitto, Siracusa (Carlentini)

Solution: FemtoLASIK
I had 5 diopters of astigmatism in one eye and 3 diopters in the other eye when I decided to get FemtoLASIK (Over a year ago). During the operation, the difficult part was to stare at a white light. Surgery was successful and my vision has significantly improved the day ...Keep on reading this review

Recensione Intervento di Cataract Surgery With Multifocal IOL Implant. Antonella Scroppo, Catania

I underwent Cataract surgery with Multifocal IOL around two months ago. I was hoping to regain the clear vision that I had lost years ago. In addition to cataract I had astigmatism, hypermetropia and presbyopia. I was welcomed with very warm and professional manners (this is very important considering the ...Keep on reading this review

Recensione Intervento di PRK. Antonio Parrino, Milan

Solution: PRK
I underwent PRK for hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia in January 2014. About ten years ago I underwent PRK to correct myopia. Over the years my sight has gotten  worse, then I met Dr. Badala, who proposed me a customized PRK. 6 months after surgery the result is very good: I ...Keep on reading this review

Recensione Intervento di FemtoLASIK. Loren Bido, Genoa (Casarza Ligure)

Solution: FemtoLASIK
I underwent FemtoLASIK for astigmatism seven months ago. Laser treatment was fast and painless. My vision has improved immediately after surgery. On post-op. day 1 I could see very well and I got back to my every day routine with minimal discomfort for just one/two days. This is a dream ...Keep on reading this review

Recensione Intervento di Cataract Surgery With Toric Multifocal IOL. Isabella Rossi, Colle Brianza (LC)

Tired of glasses and contact lenses, I met Dr. Badalà, who, after an accurate exam, suggested laser treatment to correct myopia and astigmatism. What a great choice! Laser treatment was perfectly successful, fast and painless. It was carried out in a surgical center with high standard equipment. Dr. Badalà and ...Keep on reading this review