Keratoconus cross linking surgery is meant to slow down the disease progression. This particular treatment is suggested for patient with keratoconus in its initial phases (e.g. fruste keratoconus) to prevent it from worsening.

Cross-linking surgery should increase the links between collagen fibrils that cornea is made of, in order to make it stronger and less deformable. Cross Linking surgery lasts about 1 hour: cornea is numbed with a substance called riboflavin; after that, the cornea is lighted up with A ultraviolet rays.
Cross linking with riboflavin can be performed removing the corneal epithelium (epi-OFF) or leaving it intact (epi-ON): this two procedures both have advantages and disadvanages that should be considered in every single case. After cross-linking surgery, it is possible to experience a certain degree of discomfort for at least a couple of days.

Cross linking surgery result becomes noticeable after a few weeks or months and an improvements can be experienced even 1 year after this procedure.
Thegoal of the keratoconus cross-linking is not to improve vision, but to prevent it from worsening because the keratoconus progression

Dr. Badalà performs keratoconus cross linking treatments in Milan and Catania.
Cross linking complications could be ultraviolet rays damages to cornea, crystalline lens or retina; this is why cross linking should be avoid when the cornea is too thin and keratoconus in an advanced phase.

Matteo Crisà, Palermo (Carini)

Votazione: Eccellente
Problem: Keratoconus
Solution: Cross linking
About two years ago I was diagnosed with keratoconus in both eyes.

At first I was very discouraged because the doctor told me that the only possible solution would be the corneal transplant; then, surfing the net, I c... Keep on reading this reviewame across Dr. Badalà website, where there were shown the different methods for the treatment of keratoconus and I decided to book a visit.

Dr. Badalà suggested me to undergo the Cross Linking surgery in both eyes at a distance of about three months of each other.

The surgery was performed under local anesthesia and throughout the treatment I didn’t feel any discomfort.

After a couple of hours, exhausted from the anesthesia, the eye was burning and watering. After a painkiller,  the discomfort eased and then it disappeared. The next morning I didn’t feel any discomfort.

The results of the surgery have gone above and beyond my wildest expectations, actually, as well as it stopped the disease, I had a gradual but constant improvement of the visual field from the first six months after surgery.

Before the operation I could see blurry and with the feeling of being against the light, I felt dazzled; a few months after surgery these disorders were attenuated until it completely disappears as the months went by. The curvature of the cornea is much improved. Myopia and astigmatism have been significantly reduced.

I may conclude saying that my experience was positive and I thank Dr. Badalà for his professionalism and humanity.
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