Recensione Intervento di DALK Anterior Lamellar Corneal Transplant
Alessandro Bianchetti , Bergamo (Rogno)
Votazione: Eccellente

La recensione rilasciata da Alessandro Bianchetti sull'Intervento di DALK Anterior Lamellar Corneal Transplant per Keratoconus eseguito dal dott. Badalà

    I have suffered from keratoconus in both eyes since 1996. In December 2014, after have used semi-rigid contact lenses for years, I underwent a corneal transplant with DALK (lamellar) tecnique, performed by Dr. Badalà in a little more than two hours.

    The next day, I didn’t have to wear the blindfold and, despite a slight discomfort due to the light, I already noticed an improvement in my eyesight during vision test with eye chart. Everything went well and in the morning I left the hospital without any bandage.

    At first I was very scared because I had thousands of questions in my mind: Will I fell pain? Is it worth it? When will I recover my eyesight? How long will be the convalescence?

    I didn’t fell any pain (just a little discomfort during the first week). The stitches (about 16) didn’t give me any problem, as if they were not there.

    The only problem is remember to put the different eye drops. Now I see 10/10 with soft lenses and, with a light heart, I will undergo surgery in the other eye in March 2016.

    It is absolutely worth it!