Review Intervention with DALK anterior lamellar corneal transplant

Patient's problem: Keratoconus

Solution: DALK anterior lamellar corneal transplant

Mattia Paderi

Lotzorai (Og)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I have been suffering from Keratoconus for about twelve years. I have always used rigid contact lenses , which allowed me to see but caused me great discomfort and pain . I attempted to block the pathology with "Cross-linking" but , having reached an advanced level, this intervention did not work and I therefore continued to use rigid contact lenses, which I could tolerate for a maximum of four hours a day. The testimonies regarding keratoconus found on Dr. Badalà's website prompted me to contact his center to arrange a visit. During the eye examination the only possibility that was presented to me was the Cornea Transplant with the DALK technique. After three months I had surgery on my left eye. The following day when I woke up I felt some fairly bearable pain and in the following days some slight discomfort but, on the same afternoon as the surgery, I could see the first four lines of the board (4/10) perfectly and without glasses. Subsequently my vision suffered a regression and then improved very slowly in the following months, approximately by one degree every month and a half. After a year and four months , with the use of glasses, I can see from 9 to 10/10 in the operated eye and in a few months I will undergo the second corneal transplant in the right eye. I sincerely thank Dr. Federico Badalà who gave me my sight back.