Review Intervention with DALK anterior lamellar corneal transplant

Patient's problem: Keratoconus

Solution: DALK anterior lamellar corneal transplant

Rosario Piparo


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in both eyes and unfortunately it was already in an advanced stage. Over the years I have undergone Cross Linking treatment and have worn semi-rigid contact lenses in both eyes. Subsequently, I underwent a very painful treatment in my right eye, during which they removed the epithelium. Despite these treatments my vision didn't seem to improve so I started looking for some specialists on the internet and among the many I was struck by the professionalism of Dr. Badalà who, during the visit, explained to us in simple words this new lamellar transplant technique anterior, called DALK. My family and I were very worried, also given my young age, but thanks to the availability and assurances received we decided to trust him from the first meeting. The transplant was performed in Milan in a private facility affiliated with the national health service, which is located in the center of the city and is so welcoming that it doesn't even look like a hospital. After I woke up I didn't feel any discomfort and the night passed peacefully, even though I was constantly being given eye drops. The next day I was already without the blindfold. I resumed my normal life in a short time, always being careful, for example when I go out I wear sunglasses and in the first few weeks I slept with a plastic shell for protection. The only "nuisance" is the long treatment of drops and ointments to be applied continuously but in the subsequent checks, carried out in Catania, the therapy was changed and reduced. Both in Milan and Catania we found a lot of professionalism and kindness, they were always available to provide clarifications. Of course I will still have to wait to have the improvement that Dr. Badalà had announced to me (about a year after the operation) but I can already see better and for this I am very grateful to him. If you have doubts and want advice, contact him, I hope he can help you too. Sight is very important and you need to turn to competent and trained people!