Laser Photocoagulation

Maculopathy laser treatment is used to cure exudative maculopathy. Minimally invasive maculopathy surgery. Laser therapy uses a concentrated ray of light to destroy neoformed vessels typical of exudative maculopathy, from which liquid comes out. This treatment is performed as outpatient, using eye drops as anaesthetic.

If neovessels are clearly visible with Fluorangiography (standard form), they can be closed with laser, but only if they are not in the central part of the macula (extrafoveal) and if they’re treated early on.

Maculopathy laser therapy is useful to close anastomosis (feeder vessel), that is responsible for RAP (retinal angiomatous proliferation).

Today, new kinds of lasers for maculopathy are available: these are definitely safer and more effective if compared to the old ones. Among these, we highlight the new yellow laser for curing maculopathy.
Dr. Badalà uses this maculopathy treatment in Milan. The cure for exudative maculopathy has completely changed after the introduction of the Bevacizumab.


Giovanna Cataudella, Catania

Votazione: Eccellente
Before surgery my daily activities were very penalized because my visual acuity was very reduced; I had lost most of my independence and this had even caused a nasty fall with a broken wrist.

The surgery had an excell... Keep on reading this reviewent outcome and I didn’t feel any discomfort during or after it.

The view has immediately improved, so that I could afford to go to lunch at the restaurant immediately after.