Review Intervention with Anti-VEGF Intravitreal Injection

Patient's problem: Macular degeneration

Solution: Anti-VEGF Intravitreal Injection

Domenico Scardaci

Gallipoli (Le)

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I met Dr. Badalá in 2012, at 76 years old. I was discouraged because the doctors told me that there wasn't much that could be done for my maculopathy apart from a mild, ineffective drug therapy. The doctor told me not to despair because he would help me stop the progression of the disease. I started with injections of a new anti-VEGF drug. Thanks to these injections, given as promptly as possible, my vision remained more or less stable. In the last year I was asked to use the new drug with the active ingredient Aflibercept which proved to be more effective, particularly for the duration of the effect. With the new anti-VEGF drugs, during periods in which the disease flared up, injections were performed every 1-1.5 months; with Aflibercept instead approximately every 3 months. In particular there were also breaks longer than 3 months. The intravitreal injections are given to me in the operating room and are not painful. The treatment sometimes causes a slight burning sensation, a small gray area for a few hours after the injection (due to the entry of small air bubbles into the eye). Recovery of vision after the injection is gradual. In a few days you can see again as before the injection and in a couple of weeks you recover part of the vision lost compared to the previous injection. If you act promptly, you will be able to see again as before when you had the visual deterioration that led to a further injection. I recommend contacting Dr. Badalá who has allowed me to lead a reasonable life for my age and vision when I met him 4 years ago. Its strong points are clarity, preparation, attention to innovation and patient needs, the order of the documentation produced; furthermore, the promptness in carrying out the treatment and its pragmatism prove to be fundamental for the effectiveness in the treatment of maculopathy.