Review Intervention with Vitrectomy

Patient's problem: Macular degeneration

Solution: Vitrectomy

Pietro Baldi


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

After various consultations, last September 3rd I turned to Dr. Badalà, who with a thorough visit and tests confirmed the diagnosis of Macular Pucker I had already had previously; I was operated on a few days later by Dr. Badalà who, unlike the others, suggested that I intervene as quickly as possible to limit the damage to my eyesight. Before, during and after the operation, I was assisted by an excellent team who immediately demonstrated extraordinary professionalism and courtesy. I am happy to be able to say that I had no notable pain and no discomfort during the operation , but above all a very rapid recovery. After a few hours I removed the bandage and after two days my life returned to normal. A month later, his vision had already improved and the perfect success of the operation was confirmed. Thank you Dr. Badala! I would recommend everyone to rely on his team!