Post-op and complications for Maculopathy surgery


Post-op after Maculopathy surgery

Post-op after Laser treatment for Maculopahy is pretty fast: patients fully recover during the first 24 hours. In order to notice improvements, it is necessary to wait for a longer time span that may vary from a few weeks to a few months (1-3).

Intravitreal injections of new anti-VEGF drug for treating exudative maculopathy, can cause light discomfort, such has the feeling of having a little bit of sand in the eye: this can last for about 12 hours. It is necessary to wait for about 3-4 weeks to notice vision improvements.

Vision recovery after Vitrectomy, like in case of macula Pucker or macula Hole, happens a few months after surgery: this timespan lenght depends on the disease’s lenght itself.

In case of surgeries that used intraocular lenses such as IolAMD to cure dry and wet maculopathy, patients usually experience the feeling of having a little bit of sand in the eye for about 5-8 hours after surgery: everything is going to be back to normal from the day after.
Usually both eyes should be operated to achieve the maximum improvement.
It is also best to wait for about a month before patient can experience surgery results.

Complications after Maculopathy surgery

The most serious complication after maculopathy therapy with intravitreal injections, in infection.

This complication, even though rare, can be pretty serious: this is why it is absolutely mandatory to follow post-op instruction with great attention and avoiding dirty enviroments for the first 7 days after surgery.

In case of red or irritated eye, immediately contact your ophthalmologist.