Discover if you have Maculopathy

    The AMSLER test has been created to spor MACULOPATHY. The typical symptom is METAMORPHOPSIA, that consists in seeing distorted lines.

    How to perform the Amsler test?

    1. download and print the pdf without changing document size (A4)
    2. Wear reading glasses in necessary
    3. keep the grid at a 30-40 cm distance
    4. Cover your left eye with the palm of your hand
    5. hold the test in your right hand, at a comfortable reading distance
    6. focus the dot at the center of the grid with your right eye
    7. try to understand if you happen to see deformed, distorted or broken lines, or a dark spot
    8. repeat the same procedure for the other eye.
    If any zone of the grud appear curved, blurred or dark, immediately get in touch with your ophthalmologist of choice.