Laser Photocoagulation

Maculopathy laser treatment is used to cure exudative maculopathy. Minimally invasive maculopathy surgery. Laser therapy uses a concentrated ray of light to destroy neoformed vessels typical of exudative maculopathy, from which liquid comes out. This treatment is performed as outpatient, using eye drops as anaesthetic.

If neovessels are clearly visible with Fluorangiography (standard form), they can be closed with laser, but only if they are not in the central part of the macula (extrafoveal) and if they’re treated early on.

Maculopathy laser therapy is useful to close anastomosis (feeder vessel), that is responsible for RAP (retinal angiomatous proliferation).

Today, new kinds of lasers for maculopathy are available: these are definitely safer and more effective if compared to the old ones. Among these, we highlight the new yellow laser for curing maculopathy.
Dr. Badalà uses this maculopathy treatment in Milan. The cure for exudative maculopathy has completely changed after the introduction of new anti-VEGF drug.


Giuseppe Grasso, Catania

Votazione: Eccellente
After having consulted several doctors, last year I turned to Dr. Badalà because I felt a discomfort to the eye. At first sight Dr. Badalà realized that there was something wrong in my right eye and, after a thorough e... Keep on reading this reviewxamination and an OCT, he confirmed the presence of a hole in the retina (which no other doctor had seen before) and he suggested me a vitrectomy.

After consulting other doctors who, despite having confirmed the diagnosis, suggested me to wait, I decided to entrust Dr. Badalà, because he inspired me with confidence during the visit.

I had a vitrectomy under local anesthesia about five months ago. The surgery was good and my eyesight has improved and I no longer see distorted images.

The thing that struck me most is that at first I was so used to don’t  see well that I didn’t  realize it, so much so that I had turned to Dr. Badalà just for a burning sensation to the eye. Thanks to the professionalism and accuracy of Dr. Badalà today I realize I see much better.
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