EyeMax: Interview on New Therapy for Maculopathy


EyeMax is a new opportunity to improve the vision of those suffering from Maculopathy

Dr. Badalà is one of the most expert users of this lens. He was interviewed by the scientific journal Ocular Surgery News on the occasion of his presentation at the congress of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ESCRS) in Vienna from 22 to 26 September 2018. (this is the link for the original article in English) “ The EyeMax intraocular lens is not a telescope, it is not a prism, it is not a magnifying glass. It introduces for the first time a new concept in the world of intraocular lenses intended for those suffering from Maculopathy . They use modifications of longitudinal and transverse sphericity for the first time to widen the image field. EyeMax is the first intraocular lens with increased field width ” states Dr. Badalà interviewed by Ocular Surgery News. EyeMax is built to project sharply focused images not only at the center of the macula but also up to 10 degrees around the center.

Some data

Doctor Badalà presented data from 96 patients implanted with the EyeMax lens with a follow-up of six months to two years. “Patients with small lesions and vision greater than 1/10 had greater visual improvement. Patients mostly reported a large advantage in their ability to read. In many cases this intervention has changed the lives of patients, even if in 5% of cases no benefit was observed.” “The EyeMax lens can be implanted in only one eye but patients who had it implanted in both eyes had the greatest benefit especially for reading. Cataract surgery in those suffering from maculopathy produces a modest improvement in vision, approximately 6.5-7.5 ETDRS letters according to what is published in the scientific literature. In our series with the EyeMax lens the visual improvement was double that reported in the literature with standard intraocular lenses (14-16 ETDRS letters). Results in line with what was published by English and German colleagues” states Doctor Badala. EyeMax can be used in the add-on version even in patients who have already had cataract surgery. For more information you can visit the testimonials section of this site where some operated patients talk about their experience with the EyeMax lens implant.