EyeMax Maculopathy Surgery: the Voice of the Patients


Maculopathy surgery with EyeMax has given back the joy of living to many of our patients, allowing them to return to seeing and carrying out their favorite occupations such as reading, driving, recognizing the faces of loved ones. Some of these testimonies have been collected in the video that we are happy to publish, with the hope that it can give hope to those like them who suffer from Maculopathy and have been told that “there is nothing that can be done”.

EyeMax: How the New Maculopathy Surgery Works

EyeMax is an intraocular lens that works like this: it projects very clear images both at the center of the macula and on its periphery. Those who suffer from maculopathy usually the center of the macula is damaged, but the periphery of the macula is at least partially functional, so much so that if you look from the side you can see better. The EyeMax lens allows patients to make the most of the periphery of the macula. EyeMax is a lens that is implanted inside the eye during cataract surgery or if the patient has already had cataract surgery it can be implanted in addition to the normal lenses inserted inside the eye at the time of the first surgery. Maculopathy surgery with EyeMax does not stop Maculopathy, it only allows you to improve your vision in selected cases, which is why it is advisable to always undergo in-depth preliminary evaluation visits at a center specialized in the treatment of Maculopathy. Furthermore, the common therapies based on intravitreal injections of drugs to block the disease must and can be continued both before and after the Maculopathy procedure with EyeMax.

EyeMax: from Criticisms to Positive Results

The EyeMax lens responded admirably to the needs of operated patients, some of whom had unfortunately lost all hope of leading a normal life. Not only that, EyeMax has also overcome some initial skepticism, some of which unfortunately resulted in clumsy attempts at defamation . These experiences are the best possible response towards everyone, the detractors, but above all the future patients, who will be able to benefit from the useful stories shared to decide whether to use EyeMax technology.

EyeMax: the Word to Patients

We have collected some of the patients’ reviews for you in a single video, theirs is a passage from disillusionment… to hope… and then to the joy of the result achieved and the life that changes. As mentioned, the experience of a reference center can help to better understand whether or not the indication for this type of intervention exists and it is for this reason that since 2016 Dr. Badalà has been holding courses at the main European and American congresses on the intervention of EyeMax which we introduced first in Italy in 2016 and which we contributed to developing. Here is the voice of some patients interviewed. Anna Maria Mana, from Turin: My ophthalmologist had said that there was nothing that could be done and that perhaps I could have some advantages with stem cells but in the future. Since I am 72 years old, in short, the future for me is getting smaller… Pacifico Monte, from Cerano (NO): Before the surgery in the center of the image I saw a dark circle as if it were fog. Roberto Barlassina, from Monza: I couldn’t see faces unless I was half a meter away, I struggled to detect road signs. Manuela Ramella, from Florence: It may be a funny thing but even going to the tunnel, driving, for me the tunnels were very badly lit. After this intervention the situation changed completely, that is, the lights were fine as they were. Santo Varagone, from Venaria Reale (TO): And she gave me hope again, she operated on me, I didn’t even feel the operation and after the operation I improved a lot. Anna Maria Mana: That same evening in the hotel I tried to peek a little if I could see… and I saw! Pacifico Monte: And after the surgery the central dark part no longer exists and I can see the image perfectly. Manuela Ramella: I took the needle, the thread and threaded it naturally, without any difficulty, without looking for particular lights… oh my! What a beautiful thing this is! Roberto Barlassina: After the surgery my life changed almost completely, I see much clearer. I am satisfied with the operation which perhaps gave me back some of the joy of living. Ombretta Nardini, from Lucca: I can read the newspaper every day, I can do my crosswords again which I’m passionate about and then I can go around the street and supermarkets without having to ask who I’m greeting or who is greeting me, who doesn’t I could recognize them. Manuela Ramella: – So would you recommend this operation to those suffering from maculopathy? – Certainly and without fear, without being afraid! I was very struck by the phrase that you addressed to me before the operation, you said to me: “You are giving yourself a wonderful gift today, because today you will really be able to see better”. Pacifico Monte: But I would say that I really acquired a view that I wasn’t hoping for, that’s it! Ombretta Nardini: The quality of life is much, much better. I’m getting back to what I used to do. Holy Varagone: Be reborn once again. Anna Maria Mana: I am very grateful to Doctor Badalà and his entire team because beyond that, truly, you are not just doctors but you are human and for us who see each other little, humanity is important. The EyeMax lens today is a technology that is establishing itself and will help an ever-increasing number of people suffering from maculopathy to regain their habits.