Dry Maculopathy: Hope from New Therapy


The new gene therapy for Dry Maculopathy comes from England and has just been presented by the English radio and television broadcaster BBC. Gyroscope Therapeutics has developed a therapy that could halt the progression of dry maculopathy. Today there is no therapy to stop dry maculopathy, if the new therapy proved effective it would be a truly great step forward for the treatment of maculopathy, a disease which is unfortunately increasingly widespread today.

Dry Maculopathy

In dry maculopathy, the layer beneath the retina, the pigmented epithelium, is damaged and yellowish material accumulates between the retina and the pigmented epithelium: drusen. The presence of drusen prevents the pigmented epithelium from providing nourishment and support to the retina which atrophies with consequent loss of vision. In this aging process of the retina, the hyperactivation of pro-inflammatory proteins called “Complement” plays a key role.

New Gene Therapy for Dry Maculopathy

The new therapy that could stop dry maculopathy is called GT005. GT005 is injected under the retina and is a virus capable of modifying the genes of pigmented epithelial cells. These cells return to function well and therefore the progression of dry maculopathy is stopped. Unlike what happens with wet maculopathy in which injections must be repeated many times inside the eye, the new gene therapy for dry maculopathy is done only once and if effective the result would last forever. The scientific study on the effectiveness of GT005 is called FOCUS and started in January 2019, with the first patient treated in Oxford. We look forward to seeing whether or not the treated patients will experience progression of the disease in the coming months. In fact, the gene that is modified should block the inflammation (hyperactivation of complement) which would be the basis of the progression of dry maculopathy. We will keep you updated on the results of this innovative therapy for dry maculopathy. In the meantime, if interested, you can also consult the website of Gyroscope Therapeutics, the company producing the new therapy or read the interview given on the BBC. Today is the time of hope for those suffering from maculopathy because thanks to this and numerous other innovative therapies the prognosis of those suffering from maculopathy has greatly improved. We have collected a series of testimonies from operated patients to reassure those suffering from maculopathy. And you can also find all the information on the most innovative treatments for maculopathy on our website.