Review Intervention with Vitrectomy

Patient's problem: Macular degeneration

Solution: Vitrectomy

Ivano Radice


Micro Chirurgia Oculare

In September 2016 I was diagnosed with a decrease in vision caused by a lamellar macular hole . The solution was vitrectomy but, having a very thin retina due to high myopia, most retinal experts told me to wait and have periodic checks and keep the situation monitored. When I wanted to play my last card and make an appointment with the doctor. Badala. After a thorough examination he proposed a vitrectomy to stop the disease. Given the safety of the doctor. Badalà, I accepted. During the surgery I felt almost nothing, I only had to keep my eye bandaged for a day and put eye drops for about a month. A week after the operation I saw 2 tenths more and after two and a half months almost another 2. Let me start by saying that before the operation I read 5/10 and today I read 10/10. I thank Dr. again. Badalà and his team for the professionalism and success of the operation. Lastly, I advise people who, like me, suffer from a macular hole not to wait for the situation to get worse and, if there is the possibility of vitrectomy, not to hesitate.