Review Intervention with Laser PRK


Patient's problem: Myopia

Solution: Laser PRK

Antonia Locatelli

Micro Chirurgia Oculare

I had Laser Eye Surgery to correct 2.75 degrees of myopia two months ago. The surgery totally changed my life for the better.  Even though I missed a few degrees my life was totally penalized. I didn't recognize the people who greeted me on the street, I didn't see the television. I studied acting and I always had to have contact lenses, if I forgot them it was a disaster. Now after the surgery I am rediscovering London, where I live. I see things I've never seen before! I can recognize people from afar, I can read the screen above on the plane. I'm rediscovering things that I couldn't even see with glasses because the glasses allowed me to see up to a certain point and now it's a totally different life. Plus I didn't feel bad, in fact I didn't feel anything during the surgery, very fast! One minute after the surgery I could already see! The two days following the operation I had discomfort in the light but then it all goes away. I would recommend this surgery to anyone, even if they have a small vision defect, even just for one diopter because it changes your life.