Cataract: first “customizable” implant


ROME. A High Tech lens completely customizable that once implanted inside the eye can be modified with light in order to properly adapt to every patient’s needs, offering a high definition vision.

The most modern technological innovation for replacing the opaque lens when speaking about cataract removal, has been implanted yesterday for the first time in Italy, in the San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan, Multi Medica Group, by Fulvio Bergamini, Head of the operative ophthalmology ward, and by Federico Badalà. This special lens, developed in California, is composed of a silicone polymer.

<>. This allows doctors to offer personalized solutions with a better correction of vision problems like astigmatism.

<>, explains at the San Giuseppe.

Cataract surgery is a widespread practice all over the world, with more than 15 millions of surgeries performed every year. The surgeon removes the opaque lens and replaces it with an artificial one. After having implanted the new photosensitive lens, patients will have to wear special UV glasses that screen the eye for the first weeks after surgery, until the lens is customized.

Two weeks after surgery, the ophthalmologist measures vision, spotting defects like myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropia and consequently molds the lens using light so that it perfectly adapts to the patient’s needs. Once implanted and customized the lens lasts forever, without having to be removed or replaced. The result is a vision quality improvement, along with the possibility of seeing well and performing everyday activities without having to wear glasses.


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