Cataract: High Tech lens debuts in Milan


An high-tech lens entirely personalized that, if implanted in the eye, can be modified with light to adapt itself at the patient’s needs, allowing a high definition vision. The most recent technologic innovation for the replacement of opaque lens in cataract’s removal was implanted today for the first time in Italy by Fuvio Bergamini, head of the Ophthalmology operative ward, and by Federico Badalà in Milan at the Hospital San Giuseppe of MultiMedica Group.

The special lens, designed in California, is composed of a silicone polymer discovered by the Chemistry Nobel Prize in 2005. <> explains Federico Badalà that uses this lens since 2006. This makes it possible to offers personalized solution for every patient, with a better correction for vision problems, like astigmatism.

<Cataract surgery is a technique used all over the world, with more than 15milion surgeries per year. The surgeon removes the opaque lens of the eye and replaces it transplanting an artificial lens. After the implant of the new photosensitive lens, patients must wear special glasses with UV filter that protect the eye for the first weeks after surgery, until the lens is customized.

Two weeks after surgery, the ophthalmologist measures vision, locates possible defects such as myopia, astigmatism or hypermetropia and consequently shapes the lens with light so that it adapts itself perfecty to the needs of the single patient. When implanted and personalized, the lens keeps on forever without stripping or substitutions. The result is an improvement in vision quality, with the possibility to see well and perform daily activities without wearing glasses. Although the advanced technology used is more expensive compared to the other lenses, this surgery, at Hospital San Giuseppe, will be offered to patients in convention with the National Health Service (SSN).


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