Maculopathy: Jetrea new theraphy macular hole

A new drug for vitreous macular traction maculopathy’s cure and macular hole, Jetrea®, was approved in Europe. Nowadays, to cure macular hole only one intravitreal injection is enough. In the past, the only solution was surgery: vitrectomy.
The main studies published on New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated that in the 40,6% of patients cured with Jetrea®, macular hole was closed before the 28th day (VS the 10,6% of patients cured with placebo).

The new drug for maculopathy’s cure, Jetrea®, dissolves protein fibers that are responsible of anomalous traction between vitreous and macula. In this way, Jetrea® disjoins vitreous and macula, removing vitreomacular traction and helping to close macular hole. Since 1/14/2013 Jetrea® is used in USA and now is finally approved in Europe to cure vitreous macular traction maculopathy and macular hole. Contact us to discover if this new maculopathy treatment Jetrea® is for you.