Coronavirus and Eyes: Contact Lenses, Conjunctivitis etc.


Protect yourself from Coronavirus? The answer to this question is twofold:

  • At a population level, moments of contact between people must be reduced, as the virus is extremely contagious and transmissible through proximity. In this sense, it is essential to respect government dictates and the #IoRestoACasa practice;
  • On a personal level, however, each of us can put into practice simple measures which, combined with the reduced opportunities for contact with others, further promote protection against the Coronavirus. Let’s look at them together below.

Do not use contact lenses 

The CoronaVirus is transmitted through contact with the eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands, or through viral particles suspended in the air that can come into contact with the eyes, nose or mouth. Those who wear contact lenses find themselves touching their eyes more frequently and therefore the chance of contaminating them with dirty hands is higher. Consequently, to protect yourself, careful hand hygiene before putting on and removing contact lenses is essential.

Wear glasses

It has a protective effect, reducing the likelihood that droplets with the virus can come into contact with the eyes. In this period in which the use of mobile phones, tablets and PCs is certainly greater due to smart working policies and the like, the use of glasses instead of contact lenses is advisable when you are in front of a video terminal, because contact lenses can accentuate dryness and eye fatigue.

Don’t Rub Your Eyes   

The eyes should never be rubbed, especially at this time, because touching the eyes can promote coronavirus infection . After touching your mobile phone or PC keyboard, touching your eyes risks transferring bacteria and viruses to your eyes or, vice versa, transferring the virus from your eyes to the PC keyboard or mobile phone display.

Be careful with eye makeup   

Eye make-up in this period must be done with caution, not sharing make-up with other people and paying attention to excellent hand hygiene before and after make-up and its removal operations. 

The Mask: Which one and Why? 

Masks are the hot item of the moment.  Everyone wants them and they are hard to find. The World Health Organization (WHO-WHO) states that they are only useful for healthcare workers who care for patients with respiratory diseases or for those who care for people with flu symptoms or for people who sneeze or cough. In any case, you must know how to use the mask. Before putting it on and taking it off, you must carefully wash your hands. Reusing the mask is dangerous because bacteria and other pathogens can accumulate in it.

Is using rubber gloves useful?

Rubber gloves: when to use them The World Health Organization (WHO-WHO) recommends frequent hand washing with soap and water as a more effective measure than using rubber gloves when in public environments. If someone touches their face with rubber gloves they can bring the virus from the glove to their face and therefore become infected in the same way as if they were not wearing gloves. Adopting these small measures, just like staying at home, will help everyone protect themselves from the Coronavirus and get out of the pandemic emergency situation sooner.


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