EyeMax: News on Cataracts and Maculopathy


The news on Cataracts and Maculopathy is of interest to those who suffer from these disorders, who are often told that there is nothing that can be done. This is no longer the case today. EyeMax is the new intraocular lens designed specifically for those suffering from Maculopathy .

How does EyeMax help those suffering from maculopathy and cataracts?

The lens is inserted inside the eye with normal cataract surgery , or can be inserted in patients who have already had cataract surgery previously. EyeMax is a “wide angle” intraocular lens that projects sharp images over a large area of the macula, a bit like a large-screen television. EyeMax: high quality and "wide angle" Unlike other intraocular lenses regularly used for cataract surgery, the EyeMax lens provides high quality images not only at the center of the macula but up to 10 degrees of eccentricity and also produces a slight magnification of the images . In this way, patients suffering from maculopathy and having a central scar with a relatively functional surrounding macula can improve their vision.

Is it a cure for Maculopathy?

The EyeMax intraocular lens does not cure Maculopathy, it simply allows you to improve vision in selected cases. Traditional treatments to stop exudative maculopathy such as intravitreal injections or in rare cases laser therapy remain the most appropriate choice to stop the disease. When exudative maculopathy is stabilized or in cases of dry maculopathy, the insertion of the EyeMax intraocular lens can be considered.

EyeMax is now also available in Italy: the results of the first implants

244 cases of Maculopathy treated with IOL lens implantation EyeMax is now used in 13 countries around the world and over 2000 have been implanted. We were the first in Italy to use it. We are the most experienced center in Europe after the creator, the London Eye Hospital. This month saw the first scientific publication in the European Journal of Ophthalmology by English colleagues. The European Congress of Cataract Surgeons (European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery – ESCRS) has just ended in Lisbon. On this occasion we also presented our data in front of an assembly of 400 colleagues. On Friday 27 October in Rome on the occasion of the AIMO Congress (Italian Association of Ophthalmologists), the same data were presented for the Italian colleagues. The doctor will also present the data at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2017 (AAO) on Saturday, November 11 in New Orleans, as per the attached program. The results of this EyeMax lens in patients suffering from Cataracts and Maculopathy are in some cases exciting. Where a good functional residue of the peripheral macula persists, vision can improve significantly. Where the peripheral macula is seriously damaged, unfortunately there is no benefit even with this technology. EyeMax is used in cases of exudative senile maculopathy in the quiescent phase, dry senile maculopathy, myopic maculopathy, diabetic maculopathy, macular hole, Stargardt’s and Best’s maculopathy. Not in all cases there is a benefit from the use of EyeMax: only a specific examination of the individual case through instrumental examinations and visual simulations allows the actual benefit of the EyeMax lens to be assessed .

Insights on EyeMax lens

You can find the experiences of patients operated on for cataracts and maculopathy with the EyeMax lens on our website in the Testimonials section dedicated to cataract surgery with the EyeMax intraocular lens . Those who wish to delve further into the topic can consult the official website dedicated to the EyeMax lens or contact our office , which is currently the only one officially authorized in Italy, through Dr. Badalà, to perform the lens implant. Given the success achieved with EyeMax lens implants, the number of qualified eye surgeons is constantly growing and therefore we invite you to keep the updated official list monitored.

Insights into Cataracts and Maculopathy

Also available on our website is a section dedicated to the joint presence of cataracts and maculopathy and the effects this produces on patients’ eyes. It is also possible in this case to read the testimonies of patients treated both with the EyeMax lens and with the other techniques available for the treatment of maculopathies. EyeMax: a new approach for those suffering from Cataracts and Maculopathy