Presbyopia Laser and Treatments

    Surgery to correct presbyopia in Milan with the latest innovations. The new femtoLASIK to cure presbyopia. High Tech intraocular lenses to cure presbyopia. Surgery for high degree presbyopia with intracorneal lens (AcuFocus) in Milan and Catania. To sum up, curing presbyopia is possible thanks to the different kinds of surgery available.

    The most common presbyopia surgery is the one that uses the excimer laser that can correct presbyopia and myopia at the same time. Presbyopia laser surgery with the excimer laser mainly depends on two methods: LASIK and PRK. Today, several variations of these techniques are available.

    The latest news to correct presbyopia are the High Tech intraocular lenses, that represent a key solution for patients that have already undergone laser surgery and then experienced cataract.

    Another surgery suitable to cure high degree presbyopia and myopia consists in substituing the lens with a technique called Refractive Phacoemulsification.