What to expect after Hypermetropia Laser surgery?

    What should I do after hypermetropia surgery?

    It is usually suggested to rest for 2 days after surgery. Il largely depends on the kind of surgery performed. In the case of PRK, Dr. Badalà suggest 4-5 days of rest: for this reason he usually performs the surgery on thursday in Milan and Catania so that patients can thoroughly rest over the weekend. With Femto LASIK, 48hrs are enough to be able to go back to a normal life. There are usually no specific restrictions for everyday activities, but it is obviously forbidden to touch the operated eye with dirty hands.

    • It is possible to go to the swimming pool or sea 1 month after surgery, with protective goggles.
    • It is possible to drive as soon as the cornea heals and the vision achieved is considered enough to do so; this of course depends on the degree of the myopia. The best thing to do is ask the ophthalmologist for advice on the matter.

    It may happen to experience visual tiredness, especially when reading, during the first months; this happens because the eye is still adapting itself to the new focusing manner..

    Hypermetropia Laser Surgery Complications

    When using latest generation lasers, it is very rare to experience complications in this kind of surgery.

    Usually there is a slight induction of myopia immediately after hypermetropia laser treatment. This is not a complication, it is part of the normal healing process. Myopia usually disappears after two or three months, when the healing process is completed.

    It is fundamental to do all the pre-op exams available, such as corneal topography and tomography exams, corneal pachymetry, pupillometry and, if needed, aberrometry. With these exams it is possible to spot the optimal candidates for this kind of surgery, and which patients show a higher risk of complications (in this case it is best to chose a different kind of surgery or give up).

    Most frequent complications (but extremely rare) are related to an incomplete myopia correction: in this case it is possible to perform another laser surgery or go back to glasses and contact lenses.

    A more serious complication could be an infection: this is why it is important to follow a strict hygiene protocol for the first few days after surgery, using antibiotic eyedrops (under medic prescription). In any case, your ophthalmologist will evaluate every single case in detail.