Laser Treatment

When curing diabetic retinopahty, during the initial phase, doctors use retinal laser photocoagulation, that guarantees a significant vision improvement. Retinal laser Photocoagulation treatment is fundamental for treating circumscribed retinal detachment or lacerations of the peripheral retinal

The latest news in laser treatment is the yellow laser, that is less invasive than the other kinds of laser available, like the green one or the red light. Dr. Badalà uses this yellow laser (that is more delicate on the retina) in both Milan and Catania.

Laser photocoagulation is performed as an outpatient treatment, after delivering a few drops of local anesthetic eye drops.

If there is already a macular edema, laser treatment can be useful to reduce intraretinal iquid and/or make hard exudates regress. Before three months after surgery, it is necessary to be checked up and perform another photocoagulation if the edema persists.

In case of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, laser treatment includes photocoagulation of the ischemic areas of the retina; treating these areas determines neovascularizations regress. The most important collateral effect is the appearance or worsening of a macula edema. In order to reduce this risk, it may be useful to split treatment in 4-5 appointments, scheduling them a few days apart.

Laser treatment’s collateral effects are mydriasis, photophobia, corneal hypoesthesia and the reduction of the field of vision. Patients that are affected by proliferative diabetic retinopathy should be checked up after 3 months maximum and, if necessary, undergo a new photocoagulation cycle, until neovascularizations regress.

It is best to rely onto centers that are specialized in retinopathy to achieve the best results thanks to the most modern technologies.

Giuseppe Grasso, Catania

Votazione: Eccellente
After having consulted several doctors, last year I turned to Dr. Badalà because I felt a discomfort to the eye. At first sight Dr. Badalà realized that there was something wrong in my right eye and, after a thorough e... Keep on reading this reviewxamination and an OCT, he confirmed the presence of a hole in the retina (which no other doctor had seen before) and he suggested me a vitrectomy.

After consulting other doctors who, despite having confirmed the diagnosis, suggested me to wait, I decided to entrust Dr. Badalà, because he inspired me with confidence during the visit.

I had a vitrectomy under local anesthesia about five months ago. The surgery was good and my eyesight has improved and I no longer see distorted images.

The thing that struck me most is that at first I was so used to don’t  see well that I didn’t  realize it, so much so that I had turned to Dr. Badalà just for a burning sensation to the eye. Thanks to the professionalism and accuracy of Dr. Badalà today I realize I see much better.
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