Vitrectomy is a fundamental surgery ro cure retinopathy. It consists in removing the corpus vitreum (that occupy the majority of the ocular bulb’s volume) with a probe and a computerized scalpel, the vitrectom.

    Today, thanks to the last technological innovations, it can also be performed without suture; 25G vitrectomy in fact, uses such small tools that the eye’s wall closes by itself. Dr. Badalà uses this technique in Milan and Catania.

    The corpus vitreum is removed and replaced by humor acqueous or, in some cases by substances like gas or silicone oil. These are substances that have to sustain the retina while it’s healing. Gas remain inside the eye for about one or two months and then it is absorbed; silicone oil is removed after 3 months.

    Vitrectomy is often linked or followed by retinal laser photocoagulation in order to facilitate healing.