We ask you to pleas tell us about your experience in order to help other patients to go through surgery with more knowledge and tranquillity.


Compiling assistant


In the field "Your Feedback" you could start off by telling how your experience has been before, during and after surgery.

Patients ask detailed informations on pre and post op phase, so you could tell if you experienced discomfort during and after surgery, but mostly if surgery had the desired effect, if your vision improved and after how much time you were able to perform everyday activities: normal walking, work, sport, etc.

Furthermore, for some surgeries like laser treatments or cataract surgery, patients want to know if he could get rid of glasses for near vision, far vision or both.

Lastly, would you suggest this surgery to a friend and why?

Hoping to have offered a 5 stars service, we'd like to thank you for your collaboration.