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Glaucoma: early diagnosis

Study of the optic nerve for the praecox diagnosis of glaucoma: in this study all the technics for the glaucoma’s diagnosis are compared one with the other, such as OCT, HRT, GdX and action field’s exam. The use of this exams for the praecox glaucoma’s diagnosis, expecially in that case […]

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Glaucoma and field of vision

Study of the optic nerve in the eyes without visual field’s impairment in patients with glaucoma and perimetric deficit in the controlateral eye. The glaucoma is a pathology that usually affects both eyes, one eye first and the other later. The visual field is essential for glaucoma’s diagnosis but is […]

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Glaucoma Treatment

Critical reconsideration of Glaucoma treatment strategies. The most experienced experts of Global Glaucoma met in Taormina to discuss and compare Glaucoma treatment’s guidelines. Dr Badalà has been one of the promotor of this Think Tank. The role of medical therapy, innovative surgeries for glaucoma treatment and the latest frontiers of […]

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